Rod Stewart & The Faces - The Early Years Live - LP (RELEASED 12/05/23)

Rod Stewart & The Faces - The Early Years Live - LP (RELEASED 12/05/23)

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The charismatic swagger of rock star Rod Stewart was just one of the vital ingredients that made The Faces so iconic during their 1970s heyday. As well as the debaucherous lifestyles that made front page news, The Faces made their name through a highly successful run of hit records that have done more than simply stood the test of time; they are part of rock's rich DNA. The historic value of what lays inside The Early Years Live is immeasurable and best portrays where the real vigour of this amazing band was; performing live on stage.

Get Yer Vinyl Out takes you back to 1970/71 to hear the headline-grabbing rock group live on stage and having themselves a real good time! Superb, professionally remastered original broadcasts with background notes and timeline photos

Pressed on 180g Eco Mixed Vinyl and presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve.

Track listing:

Side 1: 1. Maybe I'm Amazed / 2. Gasoline Alley / 3. Had Me A Real Good Time / 4. Three-Button Hand-Me-Down.

Side 2: 1. Cut Across Shorty / 2. It's All Over Now / 3. Flying / 4. Around The Plynth / 5. Wicked Messenger