Claes Janson & Christina von Bulow - Det Regnar I Mid Stad - CD (RELEASED 17/03/23)

Claes Janson & Christina von Bulow - Det Regnar I Mid Stad - CD (RELEASED 17/03/23)

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Christina von Bülow's Det Regnar I Min Stad (It's Raining In My Town) is an album brought to life over a years-long project driven by love and dedication, with the Finnish-Swedish poet Åke Grandell's lyrical, thoughtful poems set to music by the award-winning Danish saxophonist and sung by the Swedish singing sensation Claes Janson.

This is Christina von Bülow's first project that pairs words with melodies. The lyrical content and mood of the poems showed the way, and her melodies and arrangements also ended up drawing inspiration from her love of the Swedish song tradition - from Bellman to Georg Riedel, Cornelis Vreeswijk, and Jan Johansson, among others. The result is a collection of versatile songs with roots in folk, jazz, and bossa nova. And the lyrics cover just about everything and anything that concerns and consumes us as humans.  

Christina visited Uppsala a couple of times to rehearse with Claes Janson before they met in Copenhagen in the spring of 2022 with the rest of the all-star team she assembled: her son, Pelle von Bülow, on guitar; Steen Rasmussen on piano; Daniel Franck on bass; and Frands Rifbjerg on drums. Claes's dark pipes aren’t the only vocals we hear on Det Regnar I Min Stad as on some selections esteemed Swedish-Scottish singer Emily McEwan also adds her dynamic, inviting timbre.

Claes Janson - vocals; Emily McEwan - vocals; Christina von Bülow - alto sax, flute; Steen Rasmussen - piano, Fender Rhodes; Pelle von Bülow - guitar; Daniel Franck - bass; Frands Rifbjerg - drums.