Dreamers' Circus - Blue White Gold - CD

Dreamers' Circus - Blue White Gold - CD

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Among the leaders in taking the new Nordic music brand to a wider world the Danish/Swedish roots trio, Dreamers’ Circus, have been threatening an international breakthrough following extensive touring in the USA, Europe and Japan over recent times. Marking a ten year anniversary with the release of their fourth album, 'Blue White Gold,' they continue to open ears and are well set to solidify a growing international reputation.

'Blue White Gold' is an album of instrumental music that is almost genre defying. Elements of folk, of classical and of contemporary music are tinged with jazz-flavoured inflections, but whatever the various bits that go into it the end result is an eclectic and occasionally beautiful collection of tunes for our times - musical mercury. Titles like When All this is Over hint at better days to come, the first single from the album The World Was Waiting is a jaunty optimistic ear-worm that could conceivably infect radio airwaves all summer. There is evidence of the band’s folk and traditional roots in their lyrical take on the Nordic folk song North Of Trondheim and in their bold interpretation of the Faroese ballad Brestiskvaedi. A waltz on the record is dedicated to the Japanese animation director, Hayao Miyazaki, who ranks among the bands fanbase. Another is inspired by the Danish tradition of specially composed wedding tunes celebrates the recent marriage of a band member.

Dreamers’ Circus take their inspiration from all over. This is folk music for 2020 but it is other things also. Having emerged from a traditional music background and while retaining a deep respect for many aspects of tradition they have in their own way moved it onwards and developed a style of music making that refuses to be constrained or limited - instead they innovate, challenge, adding ideas from other genres and continue to evolve.

Band members, Nikolaj Busk (piano and accordion), Ale Carr (cittern) and Rune Tonsgaard Sorensen (fiddle) in the album notes write: “Since we started playing together we’ve travelled widely with our music and it is sometimes when you travel farthest that you come to realise how much you value wherever it is that you call home.'

Clearly the journey goes on and they continue to break new ground and explore musical boundaries with the release of this twelve track album. The 'Blue White Gold 'colours referred to in the album title suggest the elements - air, water, fire, mineral. This is an album of music from Denmark that is at once elemental, essential and precious.


1. North Of Trondheim / 2. The World Was Waiting / 3. When All This Is Over / 4. Bubbles In Central Park / 5. Bridge Of Tears / 6. Bridal Tunes For Rune And Marta / 7. The Whale Road / 8. Brestiskvaedi / 9. Waltz For Miyazaki / 10. Pentamime / 11. No News / 12. Blue White Gold