Killing Joke - Malicious Damage - Live At The Astoria 12.10.03 - CD2/LP2/DVD

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With a reputation forged in fire, brimstone and magic, plus a fierce collective intellect, Killing Joke have long been one of rock's most iconic, influential and contrary outfits, with a string of revered recordings to their name...
The band, in collaboration with Cadiz Music, are delighted to announce the addition of a famed live recording to their extensive catalogue: 'Malicious Damage' was filmed and recorded live at the legendary Astoria venue in the heart of London's Soho on 12th October 2003.
This recording captures the passion and brutal violence of Killing Joke's performance, sadly one of the last recorded concerts to feature bass player Paul Raven before his untimely death in 2007.
With collective nostrils flared and righteous anger carried torch-high, Killing Joke continue to take their music of resistance to new levels, both in the studio and out on the road…

1. Communion / 2. Requiem / 3. Total Invasion / 4. Wardance / 5. Blood On Your Hands / 6. Change / 7. Seeing Red / 8. The Fall Of Because / 9. Follow The Leaders. 10. The Death And Resurrection Show / 11 Kings And Queens / 12. Empire Song / 13. The Wait / 14. Whiteout / 15. Frenzy / 16. Pssyche / 17. Asteroid / 18. Pandemonium