Reuben James Richards - About Time - CD

Reuben James Richards - About Time - CD

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During the mid 1990's Reuben James Richards (then known as Reuben James) released what many believe now to be the greatest ever soul track recorded in the UK, 'Hold On My Heart'.

Described at the time by the late legendary producer, Jerry Wexler, as one of the greatest voices he had heard in a decade, the teaming of Reuben with the original Muscle Shoals brass section (who featured on the majority of the greatest records ever recorded by Aretha Franklin and Wilson Pickett for Atlantic Records), together with Rhodes, Chalmers and Rhodes on backing vocals (whose credits include all the major recordings by Al Green and Ann Peebles for Willie Mitchell’s Memphis based Hi Records), the single captured the very essence of authentic Southern soul.

At the time of the release of 'Hold On My Heart' an album had been planned, but unfortunately the track went unnoticed by the mainstream media, and due to lack of financial resources, the album was not forthcoming. Producer Dave Williams and Reuben reluctantly went their separate ways, with a promise that one day they would complete this project.

With the recent resurgence in Soul music and an ongoing appreciation from a new breed of the media of Reuben’s great talent, that album 'About Time' has finally been recorded at The Grange Studios in Norfolk. Produced and engineered by Dave Williams, it features all new recordings, with a remix of the original single, 'Hold On My Heart'. Reuben is joined on the album by legendary musicians from the UK and USA, including again Muscle Shoals, Memphis, New Orleans and Nashville.