Snowy White - After Paradise - DVD

Snowy White - After Paradise - DVD

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"What’s it like being so underrated?", someone recently asked the British guitarist and singer Snowy White. His reply: "Well, I certainly prefer it to being overrated". The guy asking the question obviously hadn’t understood why Snowy has been making music for over 40 years. Some musicians want to fill stadiums and have hit albums; other musicians – like Snowy – just want to play the blues, and are happiest playing music in a small club, trying to find those sweet moments when everything is just right. The sound, the atmosphere, the audience.

The musicians who join Snowy on this DVD have played with him at different stages of his long and distinguished career. Hence, the DVD contains many songs which haven’t been played live for a while, and which feature the musicians who were also present on the original album recordings.

With Snowy on stage were Kuma Harada (bass and rhythm guitar), Richard Bailey (drums), Walter Latupeirissa (bass and rhythm guitar), Juan van Emmerloot (percussion), Ruud Weber (bass and rhythm guitar), John 'Rabbit' Bundrick (Hammond and piano), Max Middleton (keyboards), Jeff Allen (drums), and Snowy’s son, Thomas White (percussion).

The DVD was filmed on 16th September 2011 in De Bosuil Club in Weert, Holland. During rehearsals on the previous day, all the musicians were interviewed for this DVD. The bonus interviews provide some very honest and candid insights.