Tess Of The Circle - Thorns - CD

Tess Of The Circle - Thorns - CD

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Tess Of The Circle is a British independent band that focuses on the songs of male songwriter Tess Jones and a collective of participating musicians. With a new album line up for 2013, the album ‘Thorns’ introduces shades of 70’s electric rock into the established acoustic guitar riffs and biographical lyrics that had previously seen Tess gain widespread critical recognition. Mixing intimacy with intent, this evolution of style came primarily from touring.

Although, the first album, Magpie, achieved repeated National Radio play and was cited as "not to be ignored" (Mojo), with its "intriguing complex songs that creep under the skin with each listen" (Acoustic Magazine) it in fact proved a challenge to take to the road. "The first album was introspective; it dealt with issues of loss and fragility, which worked well whilst recording and playing acoustic cafés", Tess explains, "but it didn’t always feel right in the larger venues I was being booked for. Each time I returned home, I felt myself re-energized and more and more drawn to the rock songs that formulated my youth, the stuff that got me into music to begin with: Bowie, Led Zep, The Doors, Jeff Buckley. To me, that was the next step that we have bought to ‘Thorns’. I still write about what I know. It’s still me and an acoustic guitar, but now I have a new circle of musical friends around me that open it all up".

This circle includes people like producer Chris Potter (BRlT Award winner, The Verve "Urban Hymns", Richard Ashcroft, Rolling Stones). Yet, although the 'Thorns' album credits read like a major label release, it was recorded independently and on an indie budget. It's testament to the songwriting of this emerging artist that such prominent people were willing to get involved. "To play alongside some of the people I grew up listening to has been nothing short of inspirational", Tess explains, "It's made me feel stronger, that I have a right to try and do what I'm doing. I'm indebted to them all".

Interestingly though, these named musicians were joined by a hereto unknown UK guitar player Lee Clifton, who was chosen above all other contenders after impressing Chris Potter with his audition tape featuring overdubbed versions of the album demos.

Musicians: Tess Jones – Vocals & Guitar, Lee Clifton – Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Damon Minchella – Bass (Paul Weller, Ocean Colour Scene), Geoff Dugmore – Drums (Stevie Nicks, James Morrison, Joan Armatrading), Tim Wills – Keyboards (Ian Brown), Tokio Myers - Piano (Amy Winehouse), Howard Gott – Viola, Violin & String Arrangements (Ash, Tindersticks, Beth Orton), Sarah Wilson – Cello (Nerina Pallot, Belle & Sebastian), Yvonne John-Lewis – Backing Vocals (Roxy Music tour, Bryan Ferry) and Kathy Riodran – Backing Vocals.
Mixed and additional production by Adrian Hall (Sinead O’Connor, Alicia Keys, Ray Davies)