The Alan Bown - Live On Air - CD

The Alan Bown - Live On Air - CD

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The Alan Bown (Set)!, live in session from 1966 to 1970.

The history of British rock 'n' roll of the 1960's is filled with the names of homegrown performers who, despite enjoying the favour of critics, music columnists, and club audiences, never managed to make a permanent mark on the record charts. Alan Bown was a case-in-point, a trumpet player who organized a series of bands in the 1960's — principally known as the Alan Bown Set —who received rave reviews and attracted healthy live audiences, but which were never able to successfully transfer their club sound onto vinyl. Radio sessions offered something much closer to the favoured live setting and from 1966-70, their frenetic energy and creative flow was captured for a radio audience who would witness the transition of The Alan Bown! through R&B and Soul to Psychedelic rock.
London Calling proudly presents The Alan Bown! (Set), live in session at the BBC 1966-1970. Professionally re-mastered original broadcasts with background liners and rare archival memorabilia.

9th December 1966
1. Do The Boomerang
2. Gonna Fix You Good (with Interview)
3. Headline News

27th September 1967
4. Penny For Your Thoughts
5. Technicolour Dream
6. My Girl The Month of May

29th November 1967
7. Pandora’s Box
8. Toyland
9. Love Is A Beautiful Thing

2nd July 1968
10. Magic Handkerchief
11. All Along The Watchtower

25th April 1969
12. Still As A Stone
13. My Friend

30th June 1969
14. Movie Star Baby
15. Gypsy Girl

24th September 1969
16. Go A Line On You
17. Friends In St. Louis
18. All I Can

13th January 1970
19. Loosen Up
20. Strange Little Friend

15th September 1970
21. Make Us (All Believe)
22. Pyramid

• All tracks performed live for broadcast on Top Of The Pops.